Who’s Got The Poison (Part 4)

I know some of you missed Part 3 last week, and that was partly my fault. You might want to go back a few posts and read it before reading this. Or, you could just click here. Ayyt. Now, Part 4…Please enjoy.

He stroked the head on his chest gently with one hand, flickering images from the television lighting up the otherwise pitch-black room. Her warm, naked body pressed up against him, awakening his most primitive senses. She had basically turned his body into a bed by placing one half of her body on his – an arm across his midriff, a leg intertwined with one of his, forcing it to have direct contact with that beautiful, warm haven he so desperately craved. There really wasn’t any point in denying it anymore. He wanted her. His free hand moved under the duvet that covered them, and roamed freely over her naked body, allowing his mind appreciate the silky texture of her skin. Every crease, every curve his fingers explored excited him more.

His thoughts went back to the night he’d first seen her. That night at the club, when her beautiful bikini-clad body had moved on the pole with flawless fluidity and enchanted him. Tony was no stranger to bars and strip clubs. Far from it. He’d seen, fondled, and , on the rare occasion, had very intimate relations with more than any male’s fair share of strippers and pole dancers. But she was different, and he couldn’t place his finger on why. She wasn’t the best dancer he’d seen, but he felt pulled to her by an inexplicable force. He let out a low laugh. And to think I didn’t want to go out that night.

Indeed, Tony had been dragged out by his friends on that particular night. He’d just relocated from Lagos, and his friends were eager to celebrate. He, on the other hand, had just wanted to relax at home with a movie, they were having none of that. And so it came to be that Tony wound up at the club that night, and had his soul captured by the dancer. Images of her tripping flashed through his mind, and goosebumps rose on his skin as he recollected what it had felt like to hold her for the first time. He’d actually been waiting for her to re-emerge from the rest room, and was hoping to somehow get her attention when, fortunately for him, she’d taken a tumble right in front of him. Of course, that hold was nothing compared to the embraces they’d shared these past couple of days, but it her touch had sent sparks shooting through his veins anyway. But he couldn’t have his moment with her then. She was stunned, recovering from the adrenaline that he knew had flooded her mind. He’d watched her as she retreated to her booth, and all night.. At the end of the night, he’d gone through great lengths to acquire her number.

He felt her shudder and pulled her closer. He was happy to have her. The month and half they’d spent together had been glorious. Her appetite for life was contagious. They’d seen every new movie that was out, eaten at almost every restaurant, and she’d managed to drag him to the amusement park and convince him to get on several rides with her. Something he did not envision himself ever doing again. But he loved the days they just stayed in and cuddled the most. She was so petite next to him, wrapping her in his arms was too easy. They could just sit or lie holding each other for hours. He remembered when he’d first kissed her. She’d insisted they take things slow, even though she had no problem whatsoever with them stripping down to nothing, and in the instant his lips touched hers, he felt the hesitation. Tasted the fear and uncertainty. He understood.

He inwardly cursed whoever had made her so emotionally reserved. He’d learnt to wait for her to be the one who initiates their make-out sessions, and they had been few and far between. Every kiss was restrained, every touch met with rigidity. She was slowly loosening up though, thank God. But he wanted more. Sometimes, he played with her while she slept, using his fingers just lightly so she wouldn’t wake, but he’d never gone further than that. He’d been tempted more than once though. He’d almost given in to the lust on a night when she, probably in a some sort of semi-conscious state, had responded positively to his touch, raising her hips to meet his seeking fingers, and moaning lightly. He’d lost his mind bringing her to climax that night. Watching her reaction had been nothing short of magical for him, and he longed to make her feel that way when she was awake. Even now, his fingers circled the object of his desires.

He paused when she stirred. He wasn’t quite sure how she’d react to his actions. She’d probably be pretty upset. Fuck! His thoughts were interrupted by a low sound coming from her direction. “Temi? Are you up?”
Temi simply took the hand that had stirred her awake and guided it back to where it’s attention had been only moments ago. “Don’t stop.” was all she said.
Ans that was more than enough for him. Rolling her unto her back, he let his fingers work; stroking, teasing, and taking the occasional plunge. Her moans growing as she squirmed and twisted on the bed. As the realisation that this was a rare occurrence and would probably never happen again hit him, he decided to take a chance and go as far as he could this one time. His lips found their way to where his fingers worked, and he tasted her for the first time. His mind had just began to bask in the joy of the way she felt against his lips, when he felt her stiffen. On any other day, he would’ve have stopped and returned to merely cuddling her. But this wasn’t any other day. His tongue worked furiously alongside his fingers, lapping up the juices that now flowed freely, stopping at intervals to nibble lightly and suck on the clit.
Temi’s moaning grew louder, and her breathing more urgent. Her body had surrendered to this man who’d taken up residence in her soul, and she’d lost all control. All these feelings….she’d only ever felt something close with one other person. She felt the tension building up inside her. Her voice failed her. She could only manage a whisper “Tony…”
He felt her body rise as she exploded in his mouth and around his fingers. And then she went limp, the walls around his tools pulsating as she continued to squirt more liquid gold. He slid his fingers out and rolled unto his back next to here. She was still whimpering. “Come here, baby.” He said, bundling her into his arms, and holding her body against his. He held her like that, rocking her until she went back to sleep.


26 thoughts on “Who’s Got The Poison (Part 4)

  1. Had to go back to read part three… All i can say is WOW!
    Pulsating read. Very very explicit too…
    Hallmarks of a great story teller.
    Now waiting for Part 5!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up HORNY!!!! This is not a good way to start the day…….

    *grabs thisday newspaper…..*

  3. @ibeta you know you’re not reading anything there. Put the newspaper down jhor. Please don’t tell me you use Zenith too. Because we might have to bone the akara until further notice.

  4. @cece ….I read thisday sunnewspaper punch and tribune daily its a routine I can’t break…plus I don’t bank wv zenith…I use cooperative bank and Fortis Micro finance…

    @kelvin …I miss u too….one day we wud b reunited again…its jus for a while!

  5. Gud storytelling Cece. . .this reminds me of em bodice-rippers I used to catch my sisters reading back then,lemme now go back n read the first 3 parts 🙂

  6. *Pause*

    There should be a store at the beginning of the blog selling vaseline. Or some other petroleum products of the sort…

    Who’s with me here?

  7. Coco!!!

    You know this isn’t good for my current situation o! Mind yourself oh!
    Besides that, awesome story telling and awesome post.

  8. Very veery descriptive hahaha. Not that i’m complaining :p
    Plus even with all the soft porn, i can still tell you’re a good writer 🙂 ❤

  9. gosh…
    totally explicit !!! n to think i started frmthe very 1st chapter!
    thank God i’v got my panty liner on… can’t wait for the next chapter, hopefully i’ll b cuddled nxt 2 my baby … ok bye, bck to work

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