Who’s Got The Poison? (Part 3)

Temi raised her hand to shield her still sleep-filled eyes from the glaring light the television was emanating. They’d fallen asleep in the sitting room again. Temi often wondered why they bothered renting a two-bedroom place when they hardly ever used the bedrooms. In fact, they shared one. Kemi had broken up with her boyfriend soon after they’d rented the flat, and was too depressed to be left alone. As a solution, Temi had moved into the room with her, so she wouldn’t feel so lonely. Months had passed, and Kemi had moved on, but Temi still stayed.

She glanced down at the floor. It was taking her eyes forever to adjust, but she didn’t need perfect vision to be able to make out Kemi’s still unconscious, half-naked body beneath her. She reached down and trailed a finger slowly along the exposed flesh. In the time they’d lived together, they had grown accustomed to stripping down in front of each other and walking around the flat in the bare minimum, and Temi had become quite fond of Kemi’s body. Well, she really loved seeing her naked, but she didn’t look bad in this beautiful black ensemble either. Her fingers lingered just above the top rim of her bra, drawing playful circles on the skin around it.

Her mind wandered back to the events of the previous night, and earlier that morning. It was all a bit fuzzy and images flashed around without a coherent sequence. She remembered all too clearly how she’d almost embarrassed herself and her family name by tripping, and then, clear as day, she saw his face again. his lightly bronzed face with it’s chiselled features, and those eyes. Even thinking about them now, she felt like she was swimming in the depth of the blue. She dug deeper and managed to recollect what it had felt like when he caught her. No doubt his arms were strong, she only wished she’d been able to feel them herself. Her thoughts drifted from, but never completely abandoned the stranger. Deborah. she thought. So sad about her death. And for her mangled body to be found next to the trash cans behind the club….

Her chain of thought broke as she felt Kemi stirring – She’d started mumbling incoherently and tossing mildly. Temi knew this meant she was having a nightmare, so she dropped down next to her, and cuddled her from behind. Stroking her hair as if wiping away the bad dream, in an attempt to ease her.

Kemi could feel the warmth of Temi’s body against hers. Or was that just the heat building inside her? The stroking had woken her from a dream she couldn’t remember, but was glad to be away from. However, she wasn’t quite ready to open her eyes. To leave Temi’s nurturing embrace. She’d missed being held like this, especially so close. The heat was fast-building within her and she cursed her alcohol-induced state of lust. She needed to douse the flames that were slowly consuming her on the inside.

She could still feel Temi’s hands on her, but they’d moved from stroking her hair. She hadn’t even realised when the hand that once played with her had trailed down to the skin just below the rim of her bra. She moaned inwardly when the finger traced an imaginary line down the centre of her torso. Hell, why not? she thought to herself as the finger continued to dance on her skin. I’m horny enough. But how do I play this?

Attempting to open her eyes was almost a wasted effort. They still felt heavy from the night before, and would only open enough to give her a partial view of her surroundings. Slowly rising so that she was in a sitting position as well, she carefully avoided Temi’s gaze as she reached down and held the hand that was igniting her, slowly guiding it up to her breasts. She slid one hand behind her and unhooked her bra. Letting it fall to the ground between them, fully exposing her full, firm breasts. Only then did she make eye contact with Temi, inviting her, pleading with her with her eyes. She could see the hesitation in Temi’s eyes. They’d only done this once before, on a high-trip, and they hadn’t spoken about it ever.

As usual, the stillness, the silence, and the waiting was starting to irk Kemi. She inched closer to Temi so there was barely any space between them, took both her hands, which had fallen limp at her side, placed them on her breasts, leaned in even closer, and then whispered “I need you.”

Temi just sat transfixed, holding Kemi’s gaze. She couldn’t completely believe what was happening. It all seemed a bit surreal to her. She hadn’t forgotten that one night. When Kem, under the delusion that they were both high,i had completely and utterly surrendered herself. She’d enjoyed every touch, every bite, every sound. She’d explored, feeling and tasting to her heart’s content. And when Kemi climaxed, she did so mentally as well. The morning after, they’d both pretended nothing happened. They’d just fallen asleep next to each other naked was what they’d said to each other teasingly. Now, months later, here Kemi was. Asking.

Her hands, eager to enjoy every bit as mush as they could, were already working on their own. She took Kemi’s nipples between he finger and fondled them, rubbing and pinching lightly, all the while watching her face for any reactions. She pinched one nipple a bit harder, and watched Kemi inhale sharply, and her eyelids close as her face relaxed. She pushed Kemi back gently, until she was back in a lying position, spread her legs so she could kneel between them, and then she leaned in and took one nipple between her teeth, gently nibbling and licking as she rubbed the other one between her fingers.

She could hear Kemi’s breathing getting deeper, feel the heat beneath burning to escape. She ran a finger along her sides, marvelling at the curves, traced the outlines of the little underwear she had on, and then slipped the finger inside the garment. Another gasp from Kemi. Temi’s finger was welcomed by sticky warmth. She loved the feel of it, longed to taste the wetness, but it wasn’t time. Instead, she lifted herself a bit so she was towering over Kemi, whose eyes opened to meet hers, and leaned in for a kiss, but Kemi turned away. Of course. No mouth-to-mouth. So, she focused on the neck instead, kissing and nipping lightly, while her finger was busy below, stroking the walls, and playing with the entrance, but never going deeper.

Kemi’s moans were becoming more urgent, and her body was moving more excitedly. She arched her back and raised her hips in an attempt to get Temi to go deeper, but Temi was in control. “Relax love.” She whispered into Kemis ear as she nibbled on the lobe. She knew how wild this made Kemi, and the amount of juice pouring out of her further confirmed it. She decided she couldn’t torture herself anymore, and trailed kisses down Kemi’s body to the pulsing treasure below. She yanked away the piece of clothing that shielded her from her prize, and admired the beauty. Kemi arched once more, beckoning to her….and then the phone rang.


9 thoughts on “Who’s Got The Poison? (Part 3)

  1. Okay..this was quite intense. Same sex loving is something I’ve always wondered about. You captured the scenes in fine detail,they practically came alive in my mind’s eye.


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