No Strings

I shouldn’t feel this good. This shouldn’t feel this good. Especially not with him.
But it did. My back against the wall, his firm arms holding me up, my legs wrapped around his waist, locking him in, making damn sure he didn’t stray too far. Yeah, it felt good, being taken this way. The force of his thrust had me banging against the wall each time, but I didn’t care. I could smell our sex in the air, and, whenever he leaned in to kiss me, I could taste him. I could taste myself too, just a hint on the tip of his tongue. The tongue he’d used so skillfully earlier on. I tightened my grip on his shoulders, pulled him even closer with my legs. I never imagined he would be this amazing. I wanted…no. No. I NEEDED him to be deeper. And I sensed he wanted to be there too. His thrust became more urgent. Low grunts mixed with soft moans, I felt him jerk a bit, and then we both climaxed.

I took my time returning to earth from that ecstatic high, and then opened my eyes. He was staring at me. Smiling. Obviously very pleased with himself. “You might want to put me down now. Tony will be back soon, and I doubt he’s expecting to see his girlfriend and best friend in such a compromising position.”
He carried me over to the three-seater sofa and gently lay me on my back, staying between my thighs. Brushing back some of my hair that sweat had glued to my forehead, he looked straight into my eyes and said what had to be the most ridiculous thing I’d heard that week “I don’t particularly care, Ada. I want him to find out about us.”
I just laughed. He’d very obviously lost the plot.


8 thoughts on “No Strings

  1. Ada seems to be a ommon feature on blogs nowadays, me I wanna meet her o! Nice babe, u coulda been more descriptive though, we won’t kill u! *winks*

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