Cindy’s Diary

So, this is the very first in the princess diaries series. I’m really just dabbling, so I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback will be very much welcome and appreciated 🙂


Oh freaking hell, diary! I am BEYOND exhausted. I know I’ve been complaining a lot since daddy died, but can you really blame me? These bitches are driving me insane!!! “Clean this!”, “Do that!”, “Fix this!”. Ugh! I just want to shove something incredibly large down their throats!

And that woman! It’s bad enough that I have to call her “mother”! She could try to go bit easier on me. Does she think I enjoy being surrounded by filthy, possessed mice?! If I were her, I’d be a whole lot nicer to the person who prepares my meals. You never know what could ‘accidentally’ get into the meal.

Speaking of mice, I think I might be going insane actually, because I seem to be the only one who can hear them. And they do things. Things animals, let alone mice, should be able to do. I probably shouldn’t complain too much. At least it’s company.

I’m not even in the mood to rant about those retarded lumps of flesh referred to as my step-sisters. If they were nice enough to me, I’d probably teach them some fashion sense. Hideous creatures. I may wear rags, but at least they’re good-looking rags. I actually feel bad for them. They have to be mean with those looks. Who’d want to look at them? And they’re attitudes!! I know about self-confidence, but I think they’re just ignorant.

I’m working on a plan, diary. One that’ll get me out of this hell hole. No more forced smiles, and chores, and especially no talking to mice. I’m going to leave here. I don’t care how! I’m going to do whatever it takes. I’m getting out of here, or I’ll die trying.

Gosh. So tired. Another day of smiling and working ahead. I’ll write again tomorrow. Til then, as always, I remain ever hopeful.


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