Baby Boom

I wasn’t gonna post anything today, but I went to go get my hair did (this sounds really cool when I say it in my head), and we (the ladies) all know that the salon is Jist Central. If you do not know this, your salon is dulling and you’re paying a ridiculous amount of money for nothing.

Today, there were six pregnant women at the salon. It’s always fascinating to me how these talks get started. It almost always starts off randomly. Like someone could ask for a comb and then someone else would go “Ehenn! Did you hear…?!”. Don’t remember how it started though, but the expectant mumsies decided to discuss their situations.

Lady #1: Pregnant with her sixth child. Hopefully, this is her miracle child. The first five are girls, and her husband and in-laws are quite unhappy. Husby said he loves her oh! But if this isn’t a boy, it’s out of his hands. She’s too scared to go for an ultrasound because if they find out it’s another girl, she’s out of the house.

Lady #2: She is pregnant because she has nothing else to do. She’s a THE definition of a housewife. Her primary functions are to cook, clean and breed. So, she has a kid, waits for the child to reach primary 5 and then gets pregnant again so she can have another kid in time for the former to be shipped off to boarding school. She’s on child 4 now.

Lady #3: Her pregnancy was a marriage pre-requisite. Her in-laws would not allow her into their family unless she could prove she was capable of bearing fruit. All the better for her if it’s a boy.

Lady 4: Basically the same as #1. Except this is her 3rd attempt and she has already been sent out of the house. She is currently leaving with her friend.

Ladies 5 & 6 were dry jhor. Happily pregnant and married women.

And everyone, of course, was sympathising and giving advice, or telling the story of someone they remember was in the same situation. I didn’t say anything because it wasn’t my business (d’uh).

But I think it’s really amazing that this kinda stuff actually happens outside Nollywood’s over-dramatic world. My new hair, I don’t like so much, but at least I got jist. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Feel free to use the comment box below to express any opinions you may have.


10 thoughts on “Baby Boom

  1. This is ridiculous and why women kill their men. The male gene is produced by the man not the woman. How can learned people be saying this shit. And driving her out of the house? What with her 6 kids? Nah son. I would kill my hubby if he let that happen to me

    • Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. I think it’s mostly as a result of pressure from the hubby’s family. I do believe, however, that he should be able to stand his ground and support his wife.

  2. LMAO. Modernity has no grip on us, when it comes to the “In-Laws”. I guess people should just be happy with a pregnancy in the first place.

  3. I personally think guys should be educated on genes and stuff just before marriage so it sticks better to their brains. Their mothers should be in attendance for full effect!! Rubbish!

    • haha…totally support that.
      If you don’t have ‘male-child’…it’s YOUR fault hommie…not hers….dang

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