It Is What It Is

She lay next to him in the dark, staring at what she assumed was his back. He’d fallen asleep a while ago, as most guys tend to after sex. She, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep. A chill ran down her spine, compelling her to shift closer to his body. Warmth radiated from his skin and she fought the urge to wrap her arms around his sleeping body. That wouldn’t help. Not in the least. Thoughts danced around in her mind. Stupid, crazy, senseless, and downright absurd thoughts. Shoving them forcefully into the restricted section of her brain, she turned her back to his, shut her eyes, and willed sleep to come.

Sleep, of course, wouldn’t come. It was probably caught up taking care of people it felt were more deserving of such a luxury. Instead, her body was flooded with a rush of emotions. She felt her body heat up as memories of the amazing sex she’d had just minutes ago filled every crevice of her brain. But it wasn’t just the well-satisfisfied and content feelings there. No. There was something else.

She turned to face him, and ran a finger along the middle of his back repeatedly. More feelings. Shaking them off, she spread her palm on his back, and just let it rest there. She was horny again. He seemed to sense this, and turned to face her. No words. He took her in his arms, those strong, firm, secure arms she had come to adore in just a few minutes, and kissed her gently

For those guys who don’t know, in most cases, this is what happens when you fall asleep after sex. Painful as it is, most females have to battle not to let their emotions get tangled up in casual sexual relations. Most succeed in this battle. But I’m not here to talk about them. 🙂

For the girls who fail to keep their emotions locked up, I am sad to say it’s a long and torturous road ahead. But, you probably already know this. STOP IT! Stop it NOW!! Sex is not going to make him automatically develop deep, emotional feelings for you. IT IS JUST SEX.

Mixing sex and feelings only leads to unnecessary complications. In fact many friendships have been destroyed because of the inability of females to hold on to the reigns of their sanity. The second you let yourself start ‘feeling’ you change. You start expecting and wanting things from the guy that he may never be able to give you.

I’m now rambling. Anyway, I hope I’ve made my point. SEX IS SEX. Of course, feel free to leave your own opinions.

*Peace Out*


6 thoughts on “It Is What It Is

  1. A lot of females can’t handle the “casual sex” thing .. They think they can but after the sex they just get all emotional and needy … u have said the truth, hez not going to just magically notice how smart pretty and funny u r after hez fucked you…nope ..its just sex to him (most of the time) ..nice 1 (y)

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